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Tourmaline Sustainability Performance Metrics

Sales gas (MMcfd)586,456807,888972,5131,221,529
Liquids (bbl/d)15,18619,75523,58638,737
EMISSIONS (1)2014201520162017
GHG emissions intensity (direct + indirect) (tonnes CO2e/boe)0.0190.0180.0180.018
Direct GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e)721,263927,2341,054,6021,381,730
Indirect GHG emissions (tonnes CO2e)54,69070,231137,733183,180
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) (tonnes)3,6445,6866,0127,984
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) (tonnes)312538364712
Flared gas (1000m3)NR(2)NR5,5132,069
Vented gas (1000m3)NRNR1,183245
RELEASE PREVENTION2014201520162017
Reportable releases (number)1312814
*All reported releases were less than 60m3.
WATER MANAGEMENT20142015201620172018
Total water used for fracturing (m3)NR1,197,079998,2801,753,6341,374,000
Total recycled water used (m3)NR473,373500,857918,218675,000
Total fresh water used (m3)NR723,706497,424835,415699,000
Total number of wellsNR184149260186
Water per well (m3)NR6,5066,7006,7457,387
Frac flowback water produced (m3)(3)NR247,704217,868438,409343,500
Frac flowback water recycled (m3)(3)NR235,318206,974416,488326,325
Frac flowback water disposed (m3)(3)NR12,38510,89321,92017,175
Percentage frac flowback water recycled (%)NR95%95%95%95%
1. Emissions are calculated using locally regulated methodology or locally recognized industry standards
2. NR means that the data was either not recorded or that the methodology changed year over year
3. Frac flowback data excludes oil operations and is estimated based on industry standard recovery rates
4. Employee salaries and benefits include amounts paid to governments on behalf of employees