An aerial view of a gas plant in a dense forest.

Alberta Deep Basin

Tourmaline is the largest producer in the Alberta Deep Basin, which represents over 50% of the Company’s production.

The Alberta Deep Basin is a multi-objective tight natural gas sand play area with up to 15 separate lower Cretaceous liquids-rich natural-gas-charged sand reservoirs. Tourmaline’s target exploration and production area is in that portion of the Alberta Deep Basin where the entire lower Cretaceous stratigraphic section is gas saturated with no mobile formation water. The primary vehicle for accessing the extensive reserves in these stacked sandstones is multi-stage fracture stimulation in both horizontal and vertical well-bores.

Tourmaline currently has ownership interests in 22 natural gas plants in the Alberta Deep Basin, 11 of which are 100% owned and operated by Tourmaline. In aggregate, Tourmaline has in excess of 1.9 bcf/d of natural gas processing capability within this plant network. Tourmaline’s goal is to be one of the lowest-cost, most efficient operators in the Alberta Deep Basin, and the Company plans to optimize and systematically continue to further reduce costs of operating the Alberta Deep Basin assets.

A gas plant in the middle of a large forest.

300,000-315,000 boepd

production as at March 2024

1,982 mmboe

reserves as at Dec 31, 2023

14,108 locations

drilling inventory as at Dec 31, 2023