A large white tank at a gas plant, backlit by the sun.

Peace River Triassic Oil

Tourmaline’s third core area is the Company’s exploration and production complex at Spirit River-Mulligan-Earring, Alberta.  The majority of the current production in the complex is derived from oil and natural gas-charged reservoirs of the Triassic Charlie Lake formation.  This area, currently producing approximately 15,000 Boe/d net to Tourmaline, has a large inventory of vertical and horizontal development drilling prospects in the Charlie Lake and Montney formations as well as attractive plays in several other formations.

The Company currently owns and operates two significant oil batteries capable of handling 48,000 bpd of fluids and the associated natural gas is delivered to a third party for processing.  Tourmaline also has a 100% owned and operated 60 MMcf/d sour gas processing facility at Spirit River.

A gas plant in the middle of a large forest.

20,105 boe/day


262 mmboe


2,062 locations

drilling inventory